1. How-to articles are very popular online, and adding articles like this to any website can go a long way towards increasing business. The goal should be to get people actually coming to a website. If the how-to articles relate to the goods or services that the website distributes, the people who make it to the website may become enthusiastic customers. People often conduct Internet searches in the first place because they’re trying to learn how to do something, and the websites that are able to get them there in the first place can make a huge difference for them.

2. Often times, the only part of the content that really matters is content that has a catchy enough title, which is often going to be reflected by the subject of the content. Content that is called ‘click-bait’ has a tendency to draw more people than content that is actually useful but isn’t especially catchy. Choosing a subject that is provocative in any way and then topping it off with a title that is worthy of such provocative content is going to be more effective than almost anything else that all businesses can share. People might recognize this trick in action, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to avoid falling for it.

3. Articles that are more or less designed to be shared are that much more likely to actually be shared. Articles designed for the sake of ‘share-ability’ will be passed around accordingly in many cases. One of the reasons why a lot of quizzes tend to go viral is the simple fact that they have to be conducted with other people, even if the people involved are doing them in a way that is very tongue-in-cheek. Businesses that are selling much more formal products may have a harder time developing content that actually needs to be shared. However, if there is any way that they can add some incentive that is built-in and that will convince people to actually share web content, they’re going to find that the content is that much more successful.

4. Articles that have any sort of list component are vastly more likely to be shared, accessed, and viewed in the first place. People like to read lists, which are easy to digest and which will give them a lot of information quickly. There are list generators online that have more or less made countless amounts of money in ad revenue just by making lists. Businesses that are able to frame any content in a list format are still very likely to succeed.

5. Articles that are full of the relevant keywords. While keyword stuffing does not work anymore, if it ever did work to begin with, people can still get ahead through articles that are full with the keywords that they need for their business. The keywords will manage to get people accessing certain web content in the first place, and if the content is well-written, it’s going to keep them there.