Google is famous for outsourcing work for software services. It has begun becoming more generous in this particular matter, which workers in the best it support Edmonton might want to be aware of. The company is now offering Indian It companies the opportunity to add a high-end and well-paying customer to its list of clients.

By taking this step Google is showing openness that Apple also did by outsourcing big amounts of work to It services in India such as Wipro and Infosys during the last couple years.

During the past half year Google has improved its strategy for outsourcing and begun giving more work to companies such as Cognizant based in the US. Most of the company’s workers are now in India. It is also considering other multi-national companies including IBM. The information was revealed by people who are very familiar with the talks.

Analysts have made estimates that Google spend many hundred millions of dollars every year on IT. In fact, that amount is one of the highest among all Fortune 500 companies.

In fact, outsourcing isn’t anything new to the company. During the last decade the company has given some software maintenance/development projects to various third-party tech companies including Infosys.

However, the situation that’s changed is the strategy that Google is using in outsourcing. Now the company is beginning to outsource parts of its business that aren’t core parts. That include software development, It infrastructure, and maintenance. This work is being given to IT services companies based on reports from reliable sources.

Google has always provided small quantities of work to third-party service providers. However, now Google is more value in outsourcing non-core parts of the company’s business since it’s more affordable now. That’s based on a report from a reliable US-based executive. His company now manages some software projects for the company.

The change in Google’s strategy could be good news for executives at software exports such as Infosys and TCS. They hope to negotiate more outsourced business that’s considered by Indian IT companies to be a top customer. Infosys now manages certain It projects for the California company.

A Google spokesperson has refused to comment about the story. Meanwhile, other tech companies that are involved in the story also haven’t commented. One is Cognizant. A spokesperson stated that the company doesn’t comment on its clients or possible actions.

Experts who track Google have reported that the company’s new strategy for outsourcing is like Apple in a way. It current outsources some software development as well as maintenance to Indian IT companies such as Infosys. Apple is now one of the biggest strategic clients. It gets over $100 of yearly business from Apple.

A recent study that was published by a London-based consulting firm, India has become the biggest outsourcing company in terms of the business environment and financial benefits. It’s considered one of the top countries for outsourcing. The main benefits of some cities are that they’re affordable to live in. There are other issues such as the amount of labor available, a lower cost, and other issues.