The COVID-19 pandemic rocked the world in early 2020 and resulted in numerous deaths and acute respiratory illnesses. Global health experts such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Public Health Agency of Canada have issued cleaning and disinfecting protocols to be implemented to prevent the spread of the virus.

ICC Property Management has taken charge to keep their residents and employees safe and their properties well maintained. In accordance with the Public Health Agency of Canada guidelines, ICC Property Management has implemented four steps to reduce the risk of exposure and prevent infection.

ICC Property Management Has Increased Frequency And Deep Cleaning And Disinfecting Of High-traffic Common Areas And Bathrooms

Cleaning Versus Disinfecting

  • Cleaning is the removal of debris, dirt, grime, and germs. Cleaning doesn’t kill germs such as viruses and bacteria. However, removing them decreasing their numbers and the risk they can infect us.
  • Disinfecting is the use of chemicals to completely kill germs. Disinfecting must come after cleaning. Bleach, isopropyl alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide are recommended by Health Canada and other authorities to disinfect for this novel coronavirus.

All building common area surfaces in ICC managed properties are wiped down daily with appropriate cleaners and disinfectants. Railings, doorknobs, elevator call buttons, light switches, and other frequently touched surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

ICC Property Management ensures proper and frequent cleaning and disinfection for washrooms with government-approved cleaners and disinfectants, especially for high-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, faucets, sinks, toilets, stall door openers, and paper towel dispensers.

We offer touchless fixtures. Cross-contamination of germs in washrooms can be reduced by using touch-free fixtures for everything from soap, faucets, hand dryers/towels, doors, and flushers.

ICC provides trash cans and hand sanitizer near bathroom exits. Keeping paper towels and waste containers near doorways can be helpful so people can throw them away upon exiting.

ICC Property Management Has Implemented Digital Tracking Of Cleaning Of Touchpoints, Safety & Security

ICC Property Management has instituted the use of technology to digitally track its response to COVID-19 and enhance protection for residents and staff in its condominium high-rises and townhouses in the Greater Toronto Area. The technology also includes a digital checklist for cleaning, safety, and security checks.

There are currently condominiums in the GTA digitally tracking the cleaning of touchpoints in each building on a three-hour schedule as part of their COVID-19 response plan. If they forget, the staff is reminded until it’s completed, and the date and time-stamped evidence are maintained forever.

ICC Property Management Staff Training And Precautions

  • All ICC Property Management staff are equipped with masks, disposable gloves, and disinfectants and are instructed to discard gloves and masks after each use (such as after cleaning or maintenance).
  • All ICC staff is trained on infection prevention and control measures.
  • All ICC staff is cross-trained to ensure critical building functions are maintained in an emergency.
  • All ICC staff is instructed to stay home if they are feeling sick.

ICC Property Management Public Education & Provision

ICC reinforce cleanliness with friendly posted reminders to residents and employees about washing hands with soap and water for at least 20-seconds or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and maintaining a safe distance of six feet between self and others.

Provision of hand sanitizer dispensers in the lobby and other ICC managed property common areas, including frequent maintenance to ensure the dispensers remain operational.

ICC property management remains vigilant in monitoring and providing the most up-to-date safety, infection control, and cleaning protocols recommended by global experts. Shouldn’t you be working with the industry leader?